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Brio Sleep Gummies 600mg Razzz-Berry


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300 mg per container of CBD
Naturally Flavored Razzz-berry
Dietary Supplement
60 Count Container

Ready for some much needed rest?! Brio’s Razzz-berry nighttime gummies are the sweetest route to a peaceful nights rest! By combining broad spectrum CBD with 3 mg of melatonin per serving, this tasty treat packs a punch! Go ahead, throw on your favorite PJ’s, get comfortable, indulge in a gummy and we’ll take care of the…”rest”, get it?

So many gummies on the market are “sprinkled” or “dusted” with an extract rather than infused, leaving you with less than adequate results. Brio’s gummies are all infused with our premium hemp extract to ensure you get the most out of your cannabinoid experience!

We did our best to keep these delicious treats as guilt-free as possible! With that being said, our gummies have a low glycemic index meaning no crazy sugar rush or crash! They are made with pectin rather than gelatin so we can proudly say our gummies are also vegan friendly!

More about our premium broad spectrum hemp extract nighttime gummies:

Premium Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (0% THC)
10 mg CBD per serving.
Vegan, made with pectin not gelatin.
Low glycemic index, no sugar rush/crash
May help maintain regular sleep cycles.
With the support of melatonin, may promote a better and more peaceful night’s rest.
May help to maintain overall homeostasis.
Naturally flavored with fruit and vegetable juices.
60 gummies per container.
Store in a cool dry place.

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