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HANK – Delta 8 Pre-Roll 1g


The main reason people enjoy HANK’s delta 8 pre-rolls is simple: convenience. Since these joints are pre-loaded, all you need to do is light them. This makes our pre-rolls perfect for those times you want to smoke hemp without much fuss.



Premium Hemp Flower infused with Delta-8 Distillate and rolled for your convenience. Available in two: Hybrid – Jack Frost, Indica dominant Alien Kush
For an extra “punch,” these specialty pre-rolls are fortified with delta 8 THC. There’s no need to worry about inhaling inferior trim with our pre-rolls. Each of these joints only contains trichome-rich hemp smothered in delta 8. If you’re not used to delta 8, you’ll be surprised just how hard these pre-rolls hit.”

Additional information

Weight .33 g
Dimensions 6 × .25 × 6 in

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