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What truly sets CBD living apart from other companies that deal in CBD products are these: CBD Living has a proprietary delivery system which results in 90% CBD in comparison to traditional CBD that is only 10-15%. This means smaller doses for greater effects saving you time and money. Despite products containing CBD being legally allowed to have at most 0.3% THC per product, CBD Living has made sure that all of its products have exactly 0% per product. That's right, you can find joy in knowing that our CBD topicals won't have any psychoactive effects. CBD living products are mainly meant to help people who are solely looking for the health benefits of hemp and not the sensation of "getting high". Just remember, more and more studies are being made on the benefits of topical CBD products but it's still best to consult with your doctor before deciding on trying a CBD topical salve if you're having second thoughts or any health concerns. You no longer have to worry about going on the best vacation ever with friends, family, or co-workers with the help of this handy 1 oz travel-size container.

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